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ORCATS at a Glance

The ORCATS software is an Oregon Property Assessment & Taxation system. The major subsystems include:

  • Account Maintenance – Account owner and address management
  • CAMA – Computer Aided Mass Appraisal, including:
    • Land
    • Residential
    • Farm
    • Commercial
    • Manufactured Structures
    • Personal Property
    • Specially Assessed
  • Exemptions and Special Assessment maintenance
  • Red Tag/Building Permits/Appraisal Maintenance tracking
  • Sales Ratio Studies
  • Recalculation and Trending
  • Integrated imaging
  • Tax calculation based entirely on Oregon law, including M5, M50, and complete Urban Renewal support
  • Tax and Fee Distribution
  • Reporting, including Oregon SAL reports
Intelligent Workflow Tools

ORCATS is built around an integrated workflow system that tracks work by user and allows users to quickly and efficiently manage their current tasks. When a user finishes a task, the system checks the finished item and, if required, creates a new task for the next item in the workflow sequence. For example, after a new property account is created, the system will automatically create a new task for an appraiser to value the account.

Robust Interdepartmental Integration

ORCATS was developed with the mindset that county departments should share data whenever possible.
Accordingly, ORCATS supports fluid integration with the Helion Recording, Building Permit, Financial, Imaging, and GIS systems.

Continual Improvements

ORCATS was originally developed in conjunction with and managed by a consortium of Oregon counties. Currently, ORCATS is supported and developed as a product owned by Helion Software. Throughout this process, Helion continues to seek input from and collaborate with county governments to create feature rich applications that complement and enhance their workflow.