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We understand that each client, while doing the same job, will utilize different methods of accomplishing that job. Helion develops software to be configured by the user to work the way they want to work and not be forced to work the way a fixed software system works. Each of our systems is developed to integrate with each other and with external systems to improve departmental and interdepartmental efficiency. And always, our programs comply with all state, federal and local laws. Our goal is to create and support products that increase your productivity, provide ease of use and are adaptable to your business environment.


Helion Software provides software services and solutions to county governments. Our goal is to provide the best service to our clients by providing the best solutions to their business problems.

Helion’s solutions include:

  • Document Management for Land, Marriage and other permanent county records
  • Animal Licensing and Shelter Management
  • Point of Sale Cashier Management
  • Property Assessment and Taxation System

Check our Products and References pages to see if we can provide the software or consulting services for your needs.

All-Star Customer Support

Helion’s dedicated service team is always working to provide you with industry-leading customer support. With Helion, you can expect swift and consistent assistance from a friendly, knowledgeable service specialist here in our office, whether by email or over the phone. Additionally, Helion employs state-of-the-art remote access technologies, including desktop sharing and video conferencing, allowing us to see what you see and efficiently support you at hours and venues convenient for you.

Check out our Support Page for more information about the support services that Helion provides.