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The Recording Suite at a Glance

The Helion Software Recording system is a feature rich set of programs to help the county serve the public better while increasing efficiency.

The Indexing application works together with Receipting to take document information received during the receipting process and pass it to the document index. Each document can have multiple titles, unlimited party names, legal descriptions, related documents, and user-defined indexes. Powerful search tools provide easy access to documents and related documents can be linked to quickly navigate between them.

The suite includes a rich set of imaging tools, including: zoom, pan, rotate, industry standard TIFF Group IV formatting, thumbnails, and support for hundreds of scanners using industry standard ISIS drivers. The built in batch scanning application uses barcoded labels to verify page counts and automatically assign an image to the correct document index.

Workflow tasks, such as scanning, indexing and verification, are automatically tracked by the Recording system, allowing supervisors to communicate more easily with their departments and more efficiently manage resources.

The system includes image export tools for batching images for title companies or for creating archival formatted film.

Access to documents and their images can be provided to internal departments, title companies or the public online using integrated web search tools.

Modules included in the base Recording suite:

Document imaging and image management

Comprehensive electronic recording and image management solution

A complete point-of-sale system

Web Search
Add-on that allows controlled Internet access to images in the Recording System

Additional Modules for the Recording suite:

A flexible and intelligent automated indexing utility

The automated redaction option secures sensitive data while increasing efficiency

Application Integration

The following stand-alone applications are built from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with the Recording Suite:

Animal Control

Marriage Licensing

Liquor Licensing