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Marriage Licensing at a Glance

The Marriage Licensing system was designed to provide the public with easy access to licensing services while increasing productivity for the County. Marriage Licensing is capable of processing traditional paper applications as well as electronic applications submitted over the web or on a public access computer.

Applicant information is read from the application and processed by the Marriage Indexing system for completion, verification, and printing.

The Marriage Licensing system can be completely integrated with Helion’s Receipting system for automatic fee calculation and receipting.

Built-in imaging tools allow signed applications, in addition to any other type of supplemental documentation such as waivers and correspondence, to be scanned, viewed, and printed.

The system includes a feature rich set of query tools for county staff as well as the public. Complete indexing allows searching by any combination of indexed fields.

Online License Management System
  • Manage applications for marriage license online or at a public workstation
  • Create completed marriage licenses for printing
  • Secure staff verification
  • Full integration with Helion’s Receipting module
  • Customizable required fields and error messages
  • Compatible with most modern browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer