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ActiveDoX at a Glance

Built with industry leading imaging tools, ActiveDoX offers an adaptable solution to image accessing and archiving. ActiveDoX’s fully customizable indexing system makes cataloging and finding records easy. If your archiving process requires records to be physically stored, ActiveDoX can offer an affordable, time-saving and space saving solution to your needs. This flexible system reduces filing and access time and conserves valuable storage space.

ActiveDoX is scalable and can easily accommodate anything from tiny projects to large scale archiving needs comprising millions of records or images. ActiveDoX supports batch scanning for large scale image processing. Once your images are indexed and archived, offer web access to your data collection via the Internet or your agency intranet.

ActiveDoX has built in workflow management tools that allows supervisors to easily communicate and coordinate tasks within their departments. Create, assign, and track tasks in real time with this robust toolset.

  • User definable indexes
  • Unlimited indexes
  • Indexing on documents or folders
  • User-defined retention schedules
  • Data types include text, date and numeric
  • Drop down lists for selection
  • Required fields
  • Multiple and group fields
  • Web search and retrieval
  • Workflow status
Image Capture and Manipulation
  • Supports over 200 scanners
  • Image rotation
  • Annotation
  • Barcode recognition
  • OCR