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Animal Control at a Glance

The Animal Control system provides an easy and powerful solution for animal licensing and management.

Built in integration with Helion’s Receipting system enables all the point-of-sale capabilities of Helion Receipting while handling financial transactions for Animal Control, allowing users to easily license multiple animals quickly on a single receipt.

Track detailed information about owners and animals. Owner information includes mailing address, street address, email, an unlimited number of phone numbers, and much more. Animal information includes basic information like colors and breed as well as more advanced information like microchips, tattoos, bites, and license history.

A wide variety of reports give Animal Control users access to valuable information on demand. Reports are available for every section of animal control, including complaints and shelter information. The reports range from extremely detailed for individual owners and animals, to high level summary reports for management and tracking.

Reports can be previewed, printed, and saved in the following formats:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Rich Text
  • HTML
  • Plain Text
System Features
  • System capabilities
    • License animals of any type
    • Track history on animals, owners, and licenses
    • Powerful and flexible searching
    • Detailed reporting, including renewal notices
  • Store comprehensive data concerning:
    • Animals
    • Owners
    • Licenses
    • Complaints
    • Citations
    • Animal Shelters
    • Lost and Found
  • Animal Control Online
  • Allows the county to provide internal departments and the public with read-only access to most Animal Control data over the web.
  • Complaint Tracking System
  • Complaints, warnings and citations can be entered, tracked, and linked to animals and owners.
  • Shelter Management
  • Manage intake, location tracking, medications, euthanasia, and more.
  • Photo Management
  • Multiple photos can be stored and managed for each animal.