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Extract Systems

Extract Systems

Extract Systems is a leading provider of data entry automation software and services for government and industry. Our solutions are built around an innovative and flexible core technology and designed to solve our customers’ specific document management challenges. Whether they require automated redaction, indexing, or mapping, our customers experience the enhanced productivity that only Extract can deliver.

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Simplifile provides innovative, simple, and secure electronic recording services via the Internet for a wide variety of customers, including title companies, banks, attorneys, lien filers, and County and State government jurisdictions. Simplifile e-recording services accelerate document recording and simplify document workflow processes, significantly reducing costly overhead associated with traditional submission and recordation methods while dramatically improving client service levels.

Simplifile is focused on building the industry’s de facto e-recording network. As such, Simplifile provides a streamlined and scalable approach to electronic recording for organizations of all shapes and sizes. For more information on how Simplifile can benefit your organization, please call or visit our website:

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ePN - Beyond Document Delivery

ePN goes beyond document delivery with our eRecording solution. As eRecording has matured, so have we. Today our clients expect eRecording to be an integrated part of their post close workflow. ePN addresses this requirement with our advanced integrations with title production systems like RamQuest, SoftPro and ResWare. We also provide the most comprehensive integration with the industry leading Green Folders solution. We understand that delivering the document for recording is only part of the process. We go beyond document delivery by providing you tools to meet the ALTA Best Practice Pillar 4 so that you can track not only the submission of your documents but also the recordings and rejections. In addition, we can provide you a Collected versus Actual Fees report that will help you identify any potential refund issue.

We want to help you add value to your growing relationship with the lender community by being proactive in recording fee tracking.

We invite you to learn more about our solutions and GO ePN where eRecording goes beyond document delivery.

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Corporation Service Company (CSC)

Corporation Service Company (CSC)

Corporation Service Company (CSC) pioneered the Land Records eRecording technology in 1999. Our services remain the benchmark for speed, efficiency, and security. CSC provides a web-based document recording (eRecording) solution that allows document submitters, including title companies, banks, and law firms, to electronically record real estate documents with county offices throughout the U.S. Our system bridges the gap between submitters and county offices, and enables easier document creation on the submitter side and faster recordation, indexing, and acknowledgement on the recorder side.

For more information on how CSC can improve the way you work, please contact:

Website www.erecording.com
Email erecording@cscglobal.com
Tel. 866-652-0111